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"Very good"
Posté le 2022-01-06 par Devender Kumar Dharavat
"Google analytics suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Posté le 2021-12-23 par samus alex
"I Finally found in WEB-STAT the best alternative to monitor our stats. Excellent service too. Prompt response. Really in love with it. Highly recommended!"
Posté le 2021-11-24 par Norma I Alvez
"I absolutely love this service! Web-Stat has been tremendously helpful to me by allowing me to see stats that are useful to my business and SEO to help my business offer the best quality affordable resume writing services."
Posté le 2021-11-20 par Audrey Malone
Expert Resume Writing Services
"This stats system is very useful and detailed. I have implemented in on every page on my website so the visitors can always see the last 500 visitors who were visiting my website including the last visitor through different colors, with their location and dates and amount of their visits.
Have a look at the life map of this sstats on my website and you will surely like it too.
Admin and Owner of
Posté le 2021-11-04 par Mike
"A great app very useful for tracking online visitors gives a good view of where traffic is coming from."
Posté le 2021-10-29 par Kelly
Posté le 2021-10-15 par Japan rvs
"Extension très intéressante, même dans sa version gratuite !
J'écris ce commentaire pour relever une petite faute dans la section "Top Combinaisons OS & Navigateurs"
"Groupés par marqUe" et non pas "Groupés par marqe"
Autrement, tout roule, thank's developpers !"
Posté le 2021-10-05 par H Gless
"Awesome app it is working very well recording the activities on my site. Love it!"
Posté le 2021-10-01 par Epic420
"I don't know what I would do without this stat counter, its fantastic, I am enjoying my free trial which I am very grateful to you for.
I find it very interesting to see how many people each day visit our website and for how long, their location, etc. It is an invaluable tool for market research and development.
I hope this stat counter is here for life and continues to provide such excellent information and service.
No website should ever be without it!
Thanks guys, you are the best.
I'm so grateful to you for this amazing service you provide.
Posté le 2021-09-21 par Jane Ambler
Love Problem Solver
"The app works out well and I have no complaints customer service is extremely helpful and quick on their response. App works out well and I have no complains."
Posté le 2021-08-06 par Abhishek Vyas
Creative Piping Solutions Private Limited
"Customer service is extremely helpful and quick on their response. App works out well and I have no complains:)"
Posté le 2021-08-01 par Serene Li
"Конечно ,мнение положительное.Для удобной работы на сайте Вы всё предусмотрели.Думаю,что Вы на этом не остановитесь.Поэтому желаю ВАМ новых успехов в продвижении новых идей.С уважением, Довженко."
Posté le 2021-07-19
"The date setting is just so wrong..
Why do you have it in such a bizarre manner??
I cannot set it to how I understand it.
For me it should be day / month / year - Just really annoys me whenever I see it as it makes no sense."
Posté le 2021-07-19 par Mike Hailes
"Web-Stat est un outil très intéressant pour suivre en temps réel la fréquentation de mon site. Je viens de finir une grosse mise à jour qui permet à nouveau de voir, avec tous les navigateurs, les nombreux applets qui parsèment les pages du site ; je viens aussi de changer d'hébergeur, ce qui a modifié l'URL. Je suis donc très attentif à l'évolution de la fréquentation, et Web-Stat me semble incontournable pour juger le résultat de mes efforts."
Posté le 2021-07-13 par Maurice Starck
"i do like this site alot it is really smooth and is connected and verified by lagit sorcses "
Posté le 2021-06-17 par christopher adrian
"I have used Web-Stats on my previous kitchen website for over 10 years. I look forward to using Web-Stats on my new online kitchen store "" for the next 10 years. I find the real-time information provided easy to use and understand. Keep up the good work. Steve"
Posté le 2021-06-04 par Steve Tyler
iPlan Kitchens Limited
"Really Really liked it!100000000 on 100000000. Super!!😄"
Posté le 2021-06-01 par Liam Gage
Listen On
"This is the best analytic plugin, it has the very simple setup and the dashboard is clean and attractive"
Posté le 2021-06-01
"It’s better than google analytics. I'm installed on my blog."
Posté le 2021-06-01 par Md Rakib
"Highly Recommended Web-Stat for online users, precisely for blogging experience it's useful in many ways as such tracking your traffic, site visitors and other live performances. Thank you for the great service you've offered! Have a nice and blessed day~"
Posté le 2021-05-28 par MRRJ2000
Posté le 2021-05-19 par Dorine Akimana
URL suivie: http://localhost
"Highly Recommended Web Stat for Blogging experience. It helps your blog to increase the live traffic updates, live visitors worldwide and more. Thank you for having me as your client."
Posté le 2021-05-04 par Blogger Maroreja2000
"We support you in your progress, congratulations on the excellent data visibility!"
Posté le 2021-04-28 par Tatjana Dimitrievska
"Excellente application très claire, facile d'utilisation avec beaucoup de fonctionnalités"
Posté le 2021-04-16 par Philippe Benarroche
Clea Ricci
"SSsssoooo useful ! The way these stats are grouped makes it very easy to get a quick picture of the overall effect of my website presence. My Web-Stat report has provided me with a great deal of valuable information that I can use to adapt my website in response to customer interest."
Posté le 2021-04-01 par Gretchen Wright
Wright Landscape Supply
"It would be better if this application can read the information of visitors’ devices completely, such as the address book, message,This is perfect"
Posté le 2021-03-28 par ec yong
"In general it is useful. There are a lot of spam visits, though, by (sister) companies of Amazon. These keep appearing and counting for "visits", while these only last a second each... They can't be blocked, as their IP addresses are constantly variable, while contrary to what is claimed, once one IP is blocked and another is added, the first one disappears, so nothing has happened."
Posté le 2021-03-16 par Hermen Pol
"wow it's so good"
Posté le 2021-03-15 par Ameer Nahhhas
"Your site is attractive and the stats easy to follow, even for someone like me who has difficulty deciphering charts and tables. I get the impression that for you Web-Stat is a labour of love, as much as a business. Thanks."
Posté le 2021-03-07 par John D
"Web-Stat is extremely helpful. A big feature that is missing is Session Recordings. Other than that, works extremely well for a free tool."
Posté le 2021-03-05
"Hello! Thank you"
Posté le 2021-02-26 par Luis Lachapell
Real Ship Supply Srl
"Useful for blogging experience having live site views and website views all around."
Posté le 2021-02-22 par Aubrey Anna Cobarrubias
"It's helpful for traffic, real-time live events and more. Thank You."
Posté le 2021-02-22 par Maroreja
"Excellent resource for adding traffic and stats tracking to our virtual tours. We even posted a blog post to share with other virtual tour designers -"
Posté le 2021-02-06 par Mark Reed
Shining Star Interactive LLC
"muy buena"
Posté le 2021-02-01 par Hugo Rodríguez
HR Seguros
"Plutôt positif malheureusement on ne peux pas atteindre le code Html des pages"
Posté le 2020-12-30
"Tengo la gran ayuda de Web Star para superar mis objetivos.
Sus datos son reales y minuciosos y logró observar y evaluar mi trabajo.
El trabajo de esta gran Empresa es lograr dar oportunidad a sus clientes
de como se evalúan cada paso a un objetivo.
Eloísa Benítez Millán"
Posté le 2020-12-20 par Eloisa Millán
Barrio Guaracachi, Diagonal 20 s/n,
"The team at Web-Stat is quick to respond and gives top level customer service. The app for Wix is easy to understand and use. It has become a valuable tool to follow where website traffic is coming from. Great job!"
Posté le 2020-12-10 par James Napier
I2S America
Posté le 2020-12-09
"Très positif"
Posté le 2020-11-27 par Ibrahima Soumah
"Nice Company"
Posté le 2020-11-17 par Jelte Sailflytodrive
Posté le 2020-11-14
"Really useful insite into website visitors."
Posté le 2020-11-03
"Well guys and gals.... I am impressed with this on my first day. so far, so good.;............. "
Posté le 2020-10-21 par Max Ard
19432, Rada Rd
URL suivie: http://Summerdale
"5 Stars"
Posté le 2020-10-15
"Always great service."
Posté le 2020-10-14 par Tom Tomello
6913 Turnberry Cir
URL suivie: http://Navarre
"Better than Google Analytics although could use more in-depth user behaviour analysis and benchmarking with similar sites to yours. Could use a mobile app, an API and social media tracking.

Overall, thank you for an awesome platform, wish we would have found you sooner, stay as non-commercial and open source as possible."
Posté le 2020-09-30 par Jonathan Shar
Australian Disability Ltd
"I really like Web-stat, I install it on all of my clients web sites. My clients find it much easier to use than Google analytics and more insightful."
Posté le 2020-09-29 par James Zelony
OmegaPackets LLC
"J'utilise l'application web-stat- la version basique- pour mon site d'art. Cela me permette de regarder et vérifier le trafic sur mon site. Évidemment on ne peut pas tout voir avec cette version mais elle peut être suffisante pour se faire une idée de qui et d'où accèdent à mon site :)
Pratique & utile"
Posté le 2020-09-17 par Radu Stefan
Enjoy Art
"Wow, this site is amazing, and honestly even better than google analytics. Keep up the good work, WebStat!!!"
Posté le 2020-08-27 par Lucas P
Lucas Society
"This app do not count exactly! Although several user visits my site, it do not count them. Something has changed! Did you do an update, changement or something similar?

Do not count properly anymore."
Posté le 2020-08-26 par dima russian
"As a web designer, I am very impressed with the ease of use and accessibility of these reports and install it on all my websites. I highly recommend it for easy to understand analytics. Top marks!"
Posté le 2020-08-11 par Kim Buchanan
"very nice app"
Posté le 2020-07-21
"Je trouve web-stat super et facile d’accès. Cela me permet de savoir qui regarde mon site et de quel région voir pays.C'est toujours intéressant de voir que des personnes de très loin vous suivent. Je recommande cette application .
Posté le 2020-07-15 par Jacques AUDINOS
"Super product super support - takes all the grief out of Google analytics"
Posté le 2020-07-05 par Tony Hanley
FirePro UK
"Gosto mais do Web Stat em relação ao Google Analytic. Primeiro porque ele é mais prático, com um lay out bem agradável, e de fácil manejo, embora a cor não seja do meu agrado. Poderia ter uma cor mais viva. ó por isso não cliquei na 5a. estrela. Segundo porque ele é exato na contagem. Tenho um contador de outra plataforma e as estatísticas apontam números iguais ou com pouquíssima diferença um do outro. Gosto dele e aconselho a quem quer saber o transito do site, do bloque ou do canal, instalar o web stat"
Posté le 2020-06-30 par luiz monteiro
"This has helped me understand my clientele so much better. By far one of the coolest business tools out there, especially for small businesses or upstarts."
Posté le 2020-06-27 par Josie
"Web-Stat provides some interesting tracking statistics. The ability to use different types of codes and particularly the Simplified Code without Java Script is important for a Platform like ours where individuals who have established sites on our platform can easily track their traffic independently of the Platform."
Posté le 2020-06-17
"Ich bin seit Jahren begeistert von dieser App: Sie hilft mir zu eruieren, welcher Personenkreis sich für unsere Ferienwohnungen interessieren. Somit kann ich optimaler auf den "Markt" reagieren."
Posté le 2020-06-06 par Susanne Remund
"so found the map having a good look at it now"
Posté le 2020-05-31
"Web-Stat is a full 5-star website, in addition it is free. There are two things I do not
quite understand because of my limited computer and website knowledge. One is the fact my website registers several hundred visitors a day, but Web-Stat does not show them in the map accumulatively. Secondly, in the beginning I used Firefox to login, it was wonderful. But now Web-Stat does not recognize my login via Firefox. 5/30/2020"
Posté le 2020-05-30 par Willie Wong
WILLIE WONG, 5/26/2020"
Posté le 2020-05-26 par WILLIE WONG
"Olivier solved the problem. Good communication."
Posté le 2020-05-14
"it's awsome"
Posté le 2020-05-13 par bob
"I really Like it... very well done!"
Posté le 2020-05-09 par Charley Guest
"Web-Stat has been a valuable tool for me since I started my website. It provides a wealth of information about the traffic to your website and the ability to monitor the live traffic really sets it apart! Web-Stat has been very reliable in the 5+ years since my website went live and I recommend it for anyone wanting a full picture of the traffic visiting their website!"
Posté le 2020-05-05 par Christopher Kissel
"I love WEB-STAT what a great tool to be able to see the number of hits to your site, how they found your site, which pages they viewed, where they are from, and many more great features. They are generous enough to have a free version and if you want more features, a Premium version. I highly recommend WEB-STAT."
Posté le 2020-05-05 par Carolyn
What Is Truth
"This comment is long overdue. My best estimate is that I have used Webstat exclusively for TWENTY YEARS, and for the Cosmic Tusk over decade. Here and there I have tried other tracking services, large and small, and none came close persuading me to switch permanently. For my slice of the web -- science pajama blogger with relatively few hits -- the perfect feedback tool is Webstat. I am able gauge interest in my subject globally in fine grain detail, and have the enjoyment of seeing individuals access my information. Here's to Webstat! Five Stars for twenty year!!"
Posté le 2020-04-29 par George Howard
"Like some of the reports while others are not as user friendly."
Posté le 2020-04-25 par Bliar Hunter
"Je suis vraiment heureuse d'utiliser Web-Stat. Facile à utiliser et pratique. Félicitations."
Posté le 2020-04-23 par N'guessan Nativité
"Awesome ! Easy to implement, easy to understand… more comfortable use and much more accurate statistics for me than Google Analytics ones. Lov'it! Thanks guys!"
Posté le 2020-04-18 par Pascal CESCATO
"Funciona cada vez peor y cada vez más limitado.
Las estadísticas diarias y mensuales llevan sin funcionar todo el día.
Mejor usar Google Analytics. "
Posté le 2020-04-16
"I can no longer change the date ranges. If I change the date to more than 3 months the changes won't save."
Posté le 2020-04-12 par Dean Fuller
"It requires page visited also in free tool as others providing. Then it is far better than others. Only pages visited."
Posté le 2020-04-10 par Vijay Kumar
"I am disappointed - pretty much inaccurate. I am using pararelly other web analitics - for free and show difference, I mean show even these which are omitted by WIX - payable, hot happy"
Posté le 2020-04-07 par Stonegate Church
"Vraiement une belle application, qui nous permet de bien gérer notre boutique en ligne en nous signalent nos lacunes.
Bon investissement."
Posté le 2020-04-07 par Louis Martin
Friperie Aux Petites Trouvailles
"This is really useful for us - many thanks for making it available.
Can we set the times shown to our local time?"
Posté le 2020-04-05
Christ Church, New Mill
"Awesome, in depth website stats, easy to set up and use, well worth every penny spent for the Premium version. Kudos, and thank you very much!"
Posté le 2020-04-05 par Webmaster
Not Affiliated With Facebook
"top rated"
Posté le 2020-04-04 par david
"Muy bueno"
Posté le 2020-04-04 par california california
"Web-Stat is great. I love it. it works well for me.
Posté le 2020-04-03
"positive stars 3 negative stars 2"
Posté le 2020-03-27
"We've found Web-Stat very easy to implement, and it's given us great feedback on the use of our Hub."
Posté le 2020-03-20
DOS & Co. Coronavirus Hub
"StatWeb me permet de suivre la viabilité de mon site via les statistique de visite"
Posté le 2020-03-09
"J'utilise la version gratuite et elle permet déjà de récolter pas mal d'info, plus que ce que je pensais, j'en suis contente !"
Posté le 2020-03-08 par Lisa
"Спасибо за подробную статистику !"
Posté le 2020-03-02
"Good and clear"
Posté le 2020-02-26 par Manhattan Darkroom
"I really love this program. I've looking for one like this for a long time. Please keep up the good work.
Thank You"
Posté le 2020-02-16
"I am so pleased that I found this counter it is far more accurate than Google analytics, in fact is has proved without any shadow of doubt that Google Analytics isn't a truthful picture of web site visitors.
I like the way this counter tells you who has been on your website, where from, what ISP, the time and date and if they are a returning visitor or new, and all in an instant too, millions better than Google Analytics, thanks guys, you are the best, love my counter, couldn't manage without it. I will be recommending your counter to everyone I know with a website. Thanks millions, Kaz X"
Posté le 2020-02-10 par Kaz Stevens
Kaz psychic
Posté le 2020-02-04 par danciu adrian
Posté le 2020-02-04 par Alex Posada
"I have been using Web-Stat for myself and my customers for years and I wouldn't think of working with website strategy without it. I get detailed information that helps me target my users and improve their website experience and motivation to call me."
Posté le 2020-01-29 par Beryl Vaughan
"Great overview and a big help in understanding traffic of my website. Would highly recommend Web-Stat."
Posté le 2020-01-27 par Marion Deco-Furbish
Deco-Furbish West Cork
"Does not get any better that this. It tell me what is good on the Web Site and What I Should Delete, Change or Update"
Posté le 2020-01-24
Aurora Lions Club
"Great tool! The strange thing is that we get different numbers for unique visitors in Google Analytics, Web-Stat and Cloudflare, not sure which one is correct!"
Posté le 2020-01-23
Posté le 2020-01-23
"Your app is great so far. I am still working on it so didn't get to look around much, but so far it is great."
Posté le 2020-01-23 par michael gooday
ThunderStorm Radio
"positive, i'm very happy with web-stat because i can see in real time what is happening in my site,thank you for your work"
Posté le 2020-01-23
Posté le 2020-01-18 par NIbandhan Singh
"Même la version gratuite rend un service d'une exceptionnelle qualité. C'est assez rare pour le souligner. J'encourage web-stat à demander à tous ses utilisateurs d'afficher une bannière Web-Stat (une bannière discrète, accompagnée par exemple d'un compteur de visites) de façon à ce que chaque webmestre accepte ce retour de publicité en guise de remerciements, ce qui me semblerait bien la moindre des choses, à titre personnel. Encore merci !"
Posté le 2020-01-17 par Joseph Vidal-Rosset
"Grace à Web-stat j'ai une très bonne info sur la fréquentation de mon site.
Je ne vais pas tarder à passer à la version premium."
Posté le 2020-01-13 par André
"This offers a lot of options which is great... except for one which makes it a deal breaker for many. There is no way to see the number of page views for a specific URL over the entire duration of an account. We can only see number of visits per day, week, or month."
Posté le 2020-01-10
"An absolutely brilliant app. Will upgrade it with the site."
Posté le 2019-12-30 par David Evans
"Sometimes the stats don't load properly and this has happened quite a few times."
Posté le 2019-12-21
"Bonjour , Web-stat est un excellent logiciel ,que je recommanderais sans hésitation ,
je n en suis qu a son premier échelon et en suis déja tres satisfait ..un grand bravo a l équipe de conception ..."
Posté le 2019-12-21 par jocelyn
Posté le 2019-12-16 par Abdelmalik Mouaden
"Incredibly useful to have the provided information at my fingertips."
Posté le 2019-12-10 par Duncan McKenzie
"Although there are a lot of free web statistics on the Internet, it seems to me that the Web Stat is the best, despite the fact that it is paid. It’s not at all difficult to pay a little to get detailed and reliable statistics of your site! I recommend to all!"
Posté le 2019-12-05 par Yuri
"so far, it's been good. but I have not tried it too many times....."
Posté le 2019-11-24 par Julia Louis
Louis Center for Children with Special Needs
"Very Nice Work Full App...."
Posté le 2019-11-24 par Abdul Rehman
Dream Travels
"Great thanks heaps"
Posté le 2019-11-18 par Alessandro Alessi
"Thank you!"
Posté le 2019-11-12 par Patricia Manley
"Excellent app and tremendous support as well, well done!"
Posté le 2019-11-10
"je préférais l'ancienne interface"
"Fast help."
Posté le 2019-11-01
"When I had issues with my website provider, Web-Stat resolved the issue of their product on my site. "
Posté le 2019-10-22
The Bamboo Manager Project - online Stage Maangement courses
"Great tracking with the occasional glitch. Otherwise - satisfied."
Posté le 2019-10-07
"Very Good"
Posté le 2019-09-27 par Priyansu Singh
Kanha Fashion Industry
"Web-Stat does exactly what it promises to do with no fuss or bother. Furthermore, the support service is highly efficient and Web-Stat staff go above and beyond normal limits in order to help you. Five stars from Editione!"
Posté le 2019-09-17 par Barry Charlwood
Editione Editoração Ltda
"I know you say that number of visitors might differ because WebStat doesn't count junk visits...but LinkedIn shows visits to specific pages from a campaign I ran, yet they don't show up on my WebStats? Hmmmm..."
Posté le 2019-09-13 par Lynn Whitney
Small Cog Marketing
Posté le 2019-09-03 par DOĞAN ERTAN
"I love Web-Stat, it really helps monitor who is visiting your website and how they access it. Very good tool."
Posté le 2019-09-02 par Scott H
Arabica Cafes International
"Fast feedback, great stat platform!"
Posté le 2019-08-27 par Josh Rose
Montessori Family School
"Love the service provided and the report styles, especially the live visitors report. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to know what your visitors are doing and how long they stay on your site."
Posté le 2019-08-26 par Mike R
National Wholesale Property Listing Service
"Very reliable, perhaps overly generous with range of data, and easy to navigate for nerds like myself. The owner, Oliver, is always empathic, quick to respond, and always goes out of his way to be helpful. I've been with these people for a good many years. Never had even a nanosecond of regret!"
Posté le 2019-08-14 par Arnold Holtzman
Biometric Definitions of Personality
"You got way worse, too complicated. Complicated is bad. Simple is good."
Notre réponse : David, thank you for your feedback. I'd love to address it, but without specifics I can not: could you contact me via our contact form (follow the 'contact us' link at the very bottom of this screen) and tell us a bit more? We will address whatever we can because the bottom line is, we agree with you: Simple is good. And that is what we are trying to achieve.
Posté le 2019-08-10 par David
"Web-Stat is my go-to for data. It is far easier to understand and more intuitive than Google Analytics. To maximize SEO it is essential to have more than one source of data. Web-Stat is always my first stop."
Posté le 2019-08-07
"hello, I love web stat and I show other people how it proves that my web site is seen all over the world. I see that I cannot use the IP address to contact anybody. If I survey a web site but do not buy anything, sometimes the sales people follow it up with an email to me even though I never gave them my email address.
How do they do this ?"
Posté le 2019-08-07 par peter bluer
"This is a very good website tracker. That data Web-Stat presents are accurate and very useful. This comment is based on 12 months experience.."
Posté le 2019-07-26
"Beautiful, Thank You so much. Wix is the best and the greatest."
Posté le 2019-07-16 par Yoda 4newage
"It is worth to know the visitor who visited my WIX site. Web-Stat help me these information . Thank you."
Posté le 2019-06-20 par Tetsundo
Easy to use
Fast, prompt
Good layout of Reports
Clear, crisp "
Posté le 2019-06-19 par Ahmed Abdulazeem
Sadiq Azeem Aftab & Co., Chartered Accountants, Pakistan
"J'apprécie d'être au courant des visiteurs sur mon site. Le paramétrage est juste un peu difficile. en vous remerciant."
Posté le 2019-06-18
Frederique Harmonie
"Keeps me informed on visitors to my site. Important information to keep an eye on to grow a business...Thanks Web-Stat"
Posté le 2019-06-10 par Monika
"Si j'aurais plus de compétence dans le référencement et que mon site accueillerait plus de visiteur je choisirais sans hésiter WEB-STAT . C'est un outil indispensable, précis . Je suis étonné à chaque fois que je vérifie mes statistiques . J'ai laissé un lien sur la page d'accueil pour montrer les visites et j'en suis fier car mes visiteurs proviennent des quatre coins du monde . Merci WEB-STAT très heureux de faire partie de votre clientèle ."
Posté le 2019-06-03 par Benoit Gagnon
"This is simply an awesome site to track your traffic. WEB-STAT helped me a lot in analyzing and scaling up my traffic. I can easily see which content is best and getting more traffic. The detailed interface is just amazing and easy to use. Without any doubt, its the best tool to track the traffic on your website. 10/10 service and keep it up the good work!"
Posté le 2019-05-26 par Online Vbucks
"Excellent feedback. Thanks."
Posté le 2019-05-23 par jan lucas
ElectroPhonic Innovations, LLC
"Complémentaire avec 1er indicateurs intéressants."
Posté le 2019-05-23
Manhattan Darkroom
"Love Web-Stat, it gives so much more information than the Shopify analytics and I love the live view. It makes me happy every time it makes its little noise! I loved it so much, I decided to get the paying plan. Thanks for a great app!"
Posté le 2019-05-19 par Kimberly
"Des fonctionnalités bien pratiques pour superviser le trafic sur notre site internet. La version payante offre sans aucun doute une finesse d'analyse plus pertinente.
Dans sa version de base (gratuite) ce module s'avère très utile"
Posté le 2019-05-18 par Eric
Mister BiN
"Perfect service"
Posté le 2019-05-14
"Great site! Web-Stat is helping me to understand traffic to my site which is helping me to cater to my viewers."
Posté le 2019-05-14
"Great product!"
Posté le 2019-05-13
"Great app, very user friendly and makes tracking a breeze."
Posté le 2019-05-13 par Chase Brake
CG Entertainment
Posté le 2019-05-13
"Très satisfaite de la version gratuite jusqu'à présent. Néanmoins, je rencontre un peu de difficulté à exclure mon IP des résultats. Merci !"
Posté le 2019-05-12 par Jannie Brassard
Courtier hypothécaire !
"works great."
Posté le 2019-05-12

Instituição comprometida com o judô social em todo o Brasil, com professores qualificados e dispostos a contribuir com a disseminação dos princípios Kodokan.

Judô ou judo é uma arte marcial, praticada como esporte de combate e fundada por Jigoro Kano em 1882. Os seus principais objetivos são fortalecer o físico, a mente e o espírito de forma integrada, além de desenvolver técnicas de defesa pessoal.

O Judo social tem por objetivo possibilitar a todos o acesso ao esporte de forma integral, para a melhor formação de cidadãos que busquem o bem comum e o respeito mútuo, seguindo os princípios Bushidô e os ensinamentos do judô Kodokan.
Posté le 2019-05-11 par Confederação Brasileira de Judô Social
"I haven't checked out the premium version yet, but even the free version offers great tracking statistics. Thanks!"
Posté le 2019-05-09
Posté le 2019-05-08
Posté le 2019-05-08
"really satisfied with this apps, really recommended for tracking traffic at your web!
A must have apps!"
Posté le 2019-05-08 par chris cornel
Alpha Male Project
"Web-Stat is very helpful for me to be able to track the location of my customers and see who is a repeat-visitor and who is new. I check it daily."
Posté le 2019-05-07
"Service is awesome as always! Thank you!"
Posté le 2019-05-07
"I love the fact that this app gives me really great info as to who, where and where they are referred from, so I can make changes to assist in driving traffic!"
Posté le 2019-05-06 par Jo P
"Excellent app to measure stats. The free version is good and will definitely pay for premium when I get more users in my website..."
Posté le 2019-05-06 par Yoab Samaniego
Posté le 2019-05-06 par Oluwaseyi
"Awesome app! Love seeing stats :)"
Posté le 2019-05-05
"É excelente. Três sugestões: que dentro de cada dia da semana seja possível ver o tráfego por horas. Que volte o visual das estatísticas em barras, não em linhas. Também se fosse possível a alternativa de agrupar as visitas realizadas em telefones celulares, tablets ou desktops, seria interessante."
Posté le 2019-05-05 par Lucio Haeser
"Really useful for us; we operate internationally so it's good to know where views are coming in from."
Posté le 2019-05-05
Canis Major Tutors
"I love Web-Stat! I'm able to keep up with the traffic on my website and see what content is working and what's not. Couldn't have the business that I have today without it!"
Posté le 2019-05-04 par Lisa Moore
Photo Phlatts
"très bien!"
Posté le 2019-05-03 par virginie h
"Eu gosto das estatísticas, porque me permitem saber como é acessado meu site. Acho essa ferramenta aqui, Web-stat, fabulosa. Muito obrigada."
Posté le 2019-04-30
"iam so new to this just cant seem to understand yet I seem to get more people coming to visit my site be web stat than regularly from my web address don't understand how they go in the back door"
Posté le 2019-04-30 par Don
"I noticed that the location tracker is not accurate."
Posté le 2019-04-30 par Abigail Suga
A. Yatco Trading
"Good app, comes in handy, and I like that there are still things you can do without paying for it..."
Posté le 2019-04-30
"Its awesome"
Posté le 2019-04-30 par Mayoi Zirlen
"Web-Stat functions just as I need it to. Thank you for the intuitive user interface. I will add more review information as I dive deeper with this app. So far, so good."
Posté le 2019-04-30 par Justin Morrison
JM Coaching, LLC
Posté le 2019-04-29
"A great breakdown of traffic!"
Posté le 2019-04-29
"Not sure if I like it . A bit too much as there IS a lot of info though . Definitely do NOT like the colors ! Purple is too bright etc. Will take some time to get used to as I enjoyed the visitor Analytics that are now gone . Wish I was forewarned ."
Posté le 2019-04-26 par Richard OConnor
rpoc telecom
"Its a Great tool to track the traffic on your site. Cheers !!!"
Posté le 2019-04-25 par Akshay Jain
AMAK Design Studio
"i cant to see how much visitor in my website without upgrade"
Posté le 2019-04-25
Posté le 2019-04-25 par shreyash chaturvedi
"Web-Stat is awesome. I love the features~"
Posté le 2019-04-24
"so far so good"
Posté le 2019-04-24 par Anuj Jain
"I enjoy using "Web-Stat" to monitor the no. of people visiting my web site each day"
Posté le 2019-04-24 par Patrick Leung
Cozy Comb
"report are awesome, thank you.....helps us monitor & improve

thank you"
Posté le 2019-04-22 par FRANCOIS Retief
Africa Aluminium
Posté le 2019-04-21 par Caquenda Eventos
Posté le 2019-04-19 par Jubran Alhalabi
"Good information, very helpful website reporting."
Posté le 2019-04-19
"I thought this tool would be great... but I just started using it and I'm trying to track stats and the only analytics I'm getting are from my own computer..."
Notre réponse : I just went to your site and my visit appears in your stats. You just had not had any visitors yet
Posté le 2019-04-18
"Need an app for my phone! Or for the stats to be integrated into Wix so that I can see the results within my Wix app."
Notre réponse : If you go to with a mobile you will find that the site is optimized for it and your stats accessible. As far as Wix, you can access your stats from the Wix Editor > Click on the Web-Stat app > Click on Settings > Click on View Stats. A Dashboard extension is also in the process of being added
Posté le 2019-04-18
"I love this! Even though it is only had 3 views since I put this onsite tonight it gives a good insight into location of viewer and their interest! Thanks for creating this!"
Posté le 2019-04-18 par Nell Brown
"As an interdisciplinary environmental magazine, Web-Stat has been instrumental for providing a deeper look into our website analytics, as well as for helping us monitor our site traffic. An essential for Wix sites!"
Posté le 2019-04-16
"Amazing stats ,you can see traffic in real time and how you site is doing."
Posté le 2019-04-15
URL suivie:
"This is the first website I have assembled. Using your app, I'm able to access how well it is being received by monitoring the traffic report. Thank you for making this available."
Posté le 2019-04-15 par Gregory Ferdinand
"Je trouve vos analyses précises, les pages sont simples mais pratiques et clairs à l'utilisation."
Posté le 2019-04-15 par philipponneau Olivier
"Amazing service, works wonderful"
Posté le 2019-04-14
"easy to hook up to web page"
Posté le 2019-04-12
"Love how practical it is to see where users are coming from, finding the website, etc. Great support!"
Posté le 2019-04-11 par Alda Lima
"Fantastic app! Gives you real time stats with simple access to view anytime from anywhere!"
Posté le 2019-04-11
Nano Coating Technologies LLC
"Web Stat offers all the statistics that are needed for a business to easily see which pages are being visited, duration etc. so that we may see what ads are working, where our target market is coming from and more. A must have for those who wish to build their business. Easy to navigate and real time stats. Love it."
Posté le 2019-04-10 par Wendy Vanderwerff
Evil & Enchanted Jewelry
"Very pleased with Web-Stat. We get email notifications every week with updates on traffic and the reports available give us a thorough view of what we need to know."
Posté le 2019-04-08 par Cheryl Starling
City of Marion
"works great"
Posté le 2019-04-07 par dutch xarms
"I recently rebranded and got a new website created, so this is very helpful is seeing what my potential and current clients are looking at on my website. You have to know the numbers to know if it's working."
Posté le 2019-04-07 par Sirena White-Singleton
Aneris Photography
"i hope still get access free from this web. thank you this is best statistic web for us"
Posté le 2019-04-06 par adi j
"Your app lies. it said I got a hit to my website at 12:36 pm. it isnt even afternoon. it is currently 940am on the 6th. any reason why your app is trying to look into the future?"
Posté le 2019-04-06
"This app is absolutely a must for every website builder. For us at it collects all the essential data that helps us to cater our visitors most effectively!"
Posté le 2019-04-05 par Synergy Life
Synergy Life Events, Retreats, Aura Photography!
"Très bonne application qui fonctionne à merveille."
Posté le 2019-04-04 par Fred
Posté le 2019-04-02
"Great add on to see where our visitors come from and where we need to spend on"
Posté le 2019-03-31
"We really enjoy how easy and informational your web stats are."
Posté le 2019-03-30
"I like the app. Never had any issues."
Posté le 2019-03-30
"WEB-STAT gives a clear view on everything you want to know about who is visiting your webshop. Highly recommended!"
Posté le 2019-03-30
Posté le 2019-03-28
"A good application of stats that remains free to at least get an overview of the traffic on our site. We would obviously like more features but..."
Posté le 2019-03-28 par Grégory Berger
au Regard des Envies
"I love Web-Stat! I get to see live data about who is visiting my site, where they are located, if they are repeat visitors, and how many bouncebacks I get, among other things. This helps me to see which of my targeting ad campaigns are working and why. The geo-location feature is particularly interesting as is live traffic over time to see what days and hours are most popular. Very easy to set up on your site. Thanks for such a great tool!"
Posté le 2019-03-27 par Eric Milbrandt
The Infusion Clinic of Ocala
"Great tool to analyze traffic and helps us a lot in our SEO optimization"
Posté le 2019-03-26 par paylessbrokerage
Best online brokers
Posté le 2019-03-24 par Jose Roque
"tank you "
Posté le 2019-03-24 par Sérgio Luiz da Silva Fonseca
"Very helpful tool! I have been using this to monitor my traffic and appreciate the live stats!"
Posté le 2019-03-23 par Kristen
Baby Signs with Miss Kristen
"I have used the free web-stat for sometime now and find it very informative as to where and when people visit my site. I plan on up grading so I can use more of the features in the future. I am very happy with this program"
Posté le 2019-03-22 par Laura
The Wolf Clan Kennel
"Not convenient interface"
Posté le 2019-03-22
"Great Ap and it really helps with tracking my advertising."
Posté le 2019-03-20 par John Fouts
"Web Stat is just right for us - easy to use and information is presented in an easy to use way. We can now monitor our visitor numbers much more accurately."
Posté le 2019-03-19 par Mike
Offshore Radio Museum
Posté le 2019-03-19
"very good and very detailed love it"
Posté le 2019-03-18 par Richard Mears
Wise Owl Travel
"amazing site has been so helpful for my business"
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Sono Psychic of Norwalk
"Such An Easy And Comfortable Program With A Very Well Worth It Upgrade"
Posté le 2019-03-18 par Charlie Lesky
Get Decaled
"Very helpful! Thank you!
However, the location could be more accurate! But still, extremely helpful."
Posté le 2019-03-18
"Great Site and great stats!"
Posté le 2019-03-17
"It´s a good idea to see how many visitors are live on my website on the top of my browser. This was perfect in Google Chrome in the old version of in the "recent refferers" page."
Posté le 2019-03-17 par MIchael
"It's as if this app was made for me! It is easy to install, the dashboard is simple, not too many things to look at it is straight forward. I don't feel so 'blind' now I can see if anybody is visiting. Thank you"
Posté le 2019-03-13 par Debbie Izatt
"Web Stat Strikes Again!! Great info, thanks!"
Posté le 2019-03-12 par Travis
Treadlite Broadforks
"Makes analyzing our web stats a breeze. Thank You!"
Posté le 2019-03-12
"Love this feature!"
Posté le 2019-03-12
"Good work"
Posté le 2019-03-10 par Marriage Fast
"very nice"
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"So far it's working pretty well! Very detailed about shopper's location and what they're interested in. Thanks!"
Posté le 2019-03-08 par Scarla
"Very easy to install, very efficient. I installed it easily on my Wix site. I particularly like the possibility of making the counter invisible to site visitors."
Posté le 2019-03-08 par C.-ARRAGON Olivier
"Love the results."
Posté le 2019-03-07
"Stats are great, and keep me right up to date with everything I want know."
Posté le 2019-03-07 par Dave Winter
Warrix Flying Group
"Best app on my site!!!
Love it!!!!"
Posté le 2019-03-05
Posté le 2019-03-05 par Kwan Williams
Zen Organic Spa
"cambia la ip del mismo dispositivo si entra varias veces la ip cambia contantemente porque sucede esto? esto es muy negativo"
Posté le 2019-03-05 par luis torrenegra
"So far its very intuitive. Going to post my website link somewhere noticeable and see how it handles traffic."
Posté le 2019-03-05
Posté le 2019-03-04
"Its great, best app to record site footfall!"
Posté le 2019-03-04
"Great web counter. It'll let you monitor web visitors with a weekly email update. Designed with people's privacy in mind. Thumbs up!"
Posté le 2019-03-02 par Amy
URL suivie:
"I was so excited to learn today that I had 3 new views. I am new, so this meant a lot to me. Thanks for the app! "
Posté le 2019-03-02 par Michele Barile
"Very Very Nice"
Posté le 2019-02-28
"Great app. Love all the extra information it gives you."
Posté le 2019-02-28 par Elaine Robillard
Stoner Candles
"Great web tool. It'll let you monitor web visitor with a weekly email update. FREE app tool. Thumbs up !"
Posté le 2019-02-28 par Jack Leung
"We really like this app, good job."
Posté le 2019-02-28
Posté le 2019-02-27 par UĞUR BOLCAN
"Web-Stat nous donne entièrement satisfaction ! A recommander !"
Posté le 2019-02-26 par Fernand d'Aleyrac
Site officiel
"Web-Stat has been very helpful in tracking visitors, would recommend. Check out our hemp shirts!"
Posté le 2019-02-26
Future Vintage Co.
"Web Stat is a fantastic tracking tool! It offers so much more information than just "how many". I love the fact that I can have a report of our site visitors emailed to me daily or weekly. It helps to show me what I'm doing right and what I may need to improve on. The only suggestion I would have is the format of the emailed report is not always easy to read. The page seems to be "blown up" so much that I have to swipe sideways forever before I get to the next readable column. But otherwise, Great Job!!"
Posté le 2019-02-26 par Sandra
Otra Fe Canada
Posté le 2019-02-25
URL suivie:
"I am a beginner but I am happy to see statics of my new website"
Posté le 2019-02-25
"Très bon site pour les statistiques"
Posté le 2019-02-24
"Very Good use it all the time"
Posté le 2019-02-23 par Al Fot1
I got most relevant data, You can improve the data like segregate it into function wise. It will be more helpful for page Insights."
Posté le 2019-02-21 par DIGVIJAY PATAKAR
Infiocean Inc.
"Five Stars ;)"
Posté le 2019-02-19
"i believe its an amazing app, am still testing it but i see a lot of potential in it"
Posté le 2019-02-19 par ahmed el helaly
"I have just downloaded the app and so far so good. I love the detail and ability this gives for my business to grow."
Posté le 2019-02-19 par Liam Boath
Elbowphotography Paris
"A Great Service"
Posté le 2019-02-18
"Positive so far as it's free... lovely!!!"
Posté le 2019-02-18 par wafa hourani
Arab Charity Platform
"I like"
Posté le 2019-02-17 par Michael Clague
"So far I'm impressed (and a little obsessed!) . I love seeing when someone logs on to my site, and be able to have a spreadsheet to monitor changes as I continue to develop and optimize it. It wasn't long after I started seeing the hits roll in that I knew I wanted to upgrade. I was hopeful that "name" on the free trial would provide an account holders name, as I felt was implied, but it's certainly not a deal breaker. I also wish I could see if someone was visiting from mobile or the web (at a glance). I understand I can see the viewing size- but it's just a little clunky, for my taste- again, though, not a dealbreaker- the functionally is basically there. I look forward to the days ahead and seeing what is to come!"
Posté le 2019-02-17 par Nicole Wood
Storybook Studios Photography
"great app"
Posté le 2019-02-16 par Jean StJacques
"Awesome interface with WIX sites, good data, could use more depth and reporting options"
Posté le 2019-02-15
"Web Stat has been great to get an idea of whether or not ad and marketing campaigns are actually working!"
Posté le 2019-02-14 par Ash Habib
Ash Habib Automotive Consulting
"Application très performante"
Posté le 2019-02-13 par LAETITIA PETIT
"Great tool! Not sure why I didn't start using this sooner!!"
Posté le 2019-02-13 par Anthony Varenne
"Два субъекта федерации России на карте указаны как Украина. Это Севастополь и республика Крым. Из-за этого по новым законам могут заблокировать мой Сайт. Для примера: Google Maps признали Крым русским и изменили границу. Прошу скорректировать карту в соответствие с требованиями закона России и сегодняшних реалий."
Posté le 2019-02-12 par Сергей Некрасов
"I fend webstat usable and very useful to see what my potential customers are doing on my site, what pages they like and what pages they are most likely to visit."
Posté le 2019-02-12 par Tom Mc
"This is a very helpful addition to my new site. The ability to see this information is great and gives you inside knowledge about your site.
100% 5 STARS"
Posté le 2019-02-12 par Brett Rolling
Tuxford Fabrication solutions Ltd
"I really am loving using web-stat to track my views on my blog! It has helped me break down how many views I'm getting, the peak view times, and even the state and country location for the views! How cool?!"
Posté le 2019-02-11 par Hannah B.
Freckles & Redheads Blog
"Great help, love it!!!!!!"
Posté le 2019-02-11
"I've been using Web-stat for several months now, and I find the stats very useful, and the site simple to use."
Posté le 2019-02-10 par Karthik
Kumbaya Photography
"very good"
"Very insightful"
Posté le 2019-02-09
"Very nice and simple !"
Posté le 2019-02-09 par Toutatis
Toutatis Limites
Posté le 2019-02-08 par ahmed m
"I have been using for YEARS! Their statistics are the most reliable out there and they give you a realistic vision of the visitors, and their actions, on your website.

I always recommend them to my clients."
Posté le 2019-02-07 par Brenda Jansson
Brenda Jansson WebDesign
"I like Web-Stat. I like the ability to narrow down the traffic over time, by the day and by the hour. The Geo-Location feature also helps me discover my traffic's source, which is a huge help!"
Posté le 2019-02-07
"We have used the upgraded version of Web-Stat since 2011 on two different sites.

I like to see where my traffic is coming from and the ability to place a customers real name to their IP address. I see the pages that everyone thumbs through and the time they spent on a page. I'm not interested in the invasion of privacy that comes with the deep diving of Google Analytics so if you want a clean web-stat reporter with no invasion of privacy, is the go to.

There are many features I don't use because I really need a YouTube video to walk me through everything these guys have to offer. I still don't understand the 1-2 second "page hits" (bots?) that also show as a visitor, and I wish I could filter them out."
Posté le 2019-02-06 par Todd
"Great app for collecting useful information and stats."
Posté le 2019-02-06 par Kevin Cromartie
"Great app for an everyday use!"
Posté le 2019-02-05 par Vitalii Bilosvit
"Great reports and live monitoring."
Posté le 2019-02-04 par Mike Kern
Metal Carport Depot LLC
"Lovely layout, easy to navigate. Very Helpful Insight."
Posté le 2019-02-04
Writing Writers
"Great app! Very helpful. Thanks for the link back in advance."
Posté le 2019-02-04 par jason decarne
Streamline Master Painters
"So far, so good. Looking forward to having some analytics that I can use to alter my target."
Posté le 2019-02-04
LDA Document Services
"quite good; sometimes a bit slow and some mistakes about return always playd as a new visitor. thx"
Posté le 2019-02-03 par mj
"Not liking the way the dates are shown or written. Very confusing.
Not easy to read the way it is designed."
Posté le 2019-02-03 par Joyce Wynes
"It works great I would give it a A+"
Posté le 2019-02-03 par DOUGLAS TAYLOR
"Very interesting!!!"
Posté le 2019-02-02
"yes excellent service and response, thank you very much."
Posté le 2019-02-01 par kalpesh rana
"I like Your service because You have simple statistic, very clear and powerful :-)"
Posté le 2019-02-01 par Todor Kazaku
"Great little tool that helps me see where the interest in my web site is coming from thus helping me to plan outreach events."
Posté le 2019-02-01
Posté le 2019-02-01
"Much thanks to Web-Stat for a simple, easy to use and read, and very informative system."
Posté le 2019-01-31 par Jason M Waltz
Rogue Blades Entertainment
"Everything is exceptional"
Posté le 2019-01-31
James Greene , LLC
Posté le 2019-01-30
"I'm really impressed with all of Web-Stat's features. I am using it for several of the sites I manage. I am especially pleased with the Live Visitors, Click-Paths, and Keywords features. I appreciate the clean style of the reports Web-Stat generates and the overall ease of use."
Posté le 2019-01-30
"Utilisant la version gratuite, étant en phase de démarrage sur le site, je trouve les informations fournies par Web-Stats pertinentes. "
Posté le 2019-01-29 par Patrick Milan
"This a good source for me to see my analytics of my site."
Posté le 2019-01-28 par kbetart
"Web-Stat make it easy to see who is visiting your website."
Posté le 2019-01-26 par Jeffrey Slatton
Buy My Malvern House
"Live up to the minute web stats You can see the visitor live move through your site"
Posté le 2019-01-26 par Dave K
Salary Sherpa
"Helped me sniff out a potential customer trying to scam me"
Posté le 2019-01-25
"The most useful free Data Analysis tool available on Wix in my opinion
Kudos to the team !"
Posté le 2019-01-25 par Matthieu Freund-Priacel
Primatt Photography
"It's a god app"
"Love it! The info on each hit has helped me track down potential customers"
Posté le 2019-01-23 par Django Phillips
Phillips Media Design
"Great app, perfect for what you need!"
Posté le 2019-01-23
"Great information. Consise and easy to understand."
Posté le 2019-01-22
"A Great Site"
Posté le 2019-01-22 par doaa hassan
"Love this app! Love checking in, and being able to see where my traffic is coming from. This helps knowing where to steer my marketing efforts."
Posté le 2019-01-22 par Sanmari Pienaar
Daily Deals
"Précis, facile d'utilisation, complet. Très bon outil."
"Love Web-Stat! I only have a basic account but it tells me so much useful information. I especially like the ability to "name" visitors - I like being able to work out who my visitors are."
Posté le 2019-01-22 par David
It's Indie
"Accurate Stats, and really user friendly.
Keep it Up!"
Posté le 2019-01-22 par Elio Percussion Show
Elio Percussion Show
"Excellent online tool!"
Posté le 2019-01-21
Safe Havens Enterprises
"Bel instrument."
Posté le 2019-01-21
"Dear sir
The live vistors map is not accurate at all, please try to make it accurate it will help us find customers or potential customers location"
Posté le 2019-01-21 par MAHD ED DRIDI
"I am very content with your free version of Web-Stat. For a simple overview, it's perfect!"
Posté le 2019-01-21
Fair für Faule
"Parabéns, ótimo e atualizado. Vou ser ainda Premium."
Posté le 2019-01-20 par Cyzo Assis Lima
"good design and funcionality"
Posté le 2019-01-19 par Eyup Bakis
Ecomoto UA
"Great data to easily grow your business."
Posté le 2019-01-19
"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Stat site!! So thorough!! Wonderful!! We visit everyday - it's replaced our old Site Meter. Thank you so much!!"
Posté le 2019-01-17 par Elena Moscatt
Click On This Show/ BNM Web Fest
"Brilliant tracker, second to none! It has been so helpful in finding trends between facebook and our website and establishing where our fans are and aren't. I can imagine Web-stat would be very useful to large businesses as well."
Posté le 2019-01-16 par Gabriel Neale
"Very cool and well thought site !"
Posté le 2019-01-16 par Anne Patay
"I like the simple, clear and understandble format where I can easlier see the information I need to understand what visitors to my website are doing."
Posté le 2019-01-16 par Ange Fonce
Dynamic Life Development Systems
"Well done"
Posté le 2019-01-15
"Great site. Easy to use."
Posté le 2019-01-14 par Gene
"Excellent visitor tracking app"
Posté le 2019-01-09 par JOSIP BO
URL suivie:
"I use it for educational purposes and I can tell you that it is a wonderful tool to track visitors access and interaction with my website."
Posté le 2019-01-08 par Caroline Fernandes-Santos
Universidade Federal Fluminense
"Great site tracking service!!"
Posté le 2019-01-07 par Dave
Web-stat utile, mais manque de précision géographique et statistiques pas toujours juste, donc, un doute s'installe sur l'application.
Posté le 2019-01-06
"Easy to use web analytics. Best free version I've seen."
Posté le 2019-01-05 par Beep IM
Beep.IM- Chat and make new friends
"gosto muito do site mas nao visualizo no mapa as visitas. diz q tive 30 visitas mas aparece apenas 4"
Posté le 2019-01-04 par Jorge Iki
"This is a great tool for me because I am just getting my business up and running. I had no idea how important it is to have an online presence. I have nothing but positive energy for 2019!"
Posté le 2019-01-03 par Holly Macintire
Student Life Series LLC
"I Express my gratitude to the developers Wep-stat, of the Program fully reflects the needs and needs of tracking the rating of visitors and marketing
Thank you)))"
Posté le 2019-01-01 par Marina Tolyanina
private person
"We find Web-Stat very useful in tracking our customer interactions. We especially appreciate the latest updates, and the ongoing customer service."
Posté le 2019-01-01
"Great Analytics - Thanks"
Posté le 2019-01-01 par Lonnie
SetBilder Vintage Card Collecting Software
"So far So good, very impressive data the collected for us"
Posté le 2019-01-01
Posté le 2018-12-30
"I absolutely love the comprehensive nature of Web Stats. Everything is easy to see and follow."
Posté le 2018-12-29 par D S
"Great service. It's nice to see how many visitors I am getting and where they are from. Very helpful for determining my content. Thank you!"
Posté le 2018-12-28 par Joshua Banres
"This tool is excellent for tracking daily website visits. The location tool is sometimes not accurate, but as a general data source we think it's great."
Posté le 2018-12-28
Viaggioitalia Travel
"Super interesting"
Posté le 2018-12-28 par Olivier Van Endert
Escale sur Soi
"Great service"
Posté le 2018-12-24 par Joseph Dykens
"It has been fantastic!!!!"
Posté le 2018-12-21
"Since the beginning of my blogging journey, I am using Web-Stat and the analytics of the page are very real I am happily using the Web -stat."
Posté le 2018-12-21 par Harry
"We have used your service for years. It's simple and makes it easy to follow our traffic. We find it provides benefits that Google Analytics doesn't."
Posté le 2018-12-17 par Dave Roberts
"Good job"
Posté le 2018-12-17
"i love this but i want more views than 100 that you can see."
Notre réponse : Free accounts have a 100 visitors log file. If you upgrade to the premium version the log holds detailed info for 1,000 visitors
Posté le 2018-12-14 par Prosper
URL suivie:
"Very usefull"
Posté le 2018-12-14 par Dimitris Stegiou
Radio Panther
"This is one of the best things that I have added to my website, provides excellent information.

Thanks Chad"
Posté le 2018-12-14 par Chad
"Très content de la régularité et de la qualité des services rendus"
Posté le 2018-12-13 par Thierry
"Really enjoying the statistics of my new website. The layout of the website is clean and easy to view as well as very detailed."
Posté le 2018-12-13 par Sierra
"Very, very good"
Posté le 2018-12-12 par Sudhakararao V
"Très bien, mais comment peut on voir une statistique depuis le début du lancement du site?"
Notre réponse : Malheureusement c'est impossible. Nous ne pouvons mesurer votre audience qu'à partir du moment où Web-Stat a été installé
Posté le 2018-12-12 par Billet Patrick
"I like it."
Posté le 2018-12-11
"Good, fast response"
"Very Good"
Posté le 2018-12-11 par Radiance Beauty
"You are simply wonderful. Have a merry Christmas and enjoyable holiday season.
Marie :D"
Posté le 2018-12-11 par Marie Seltenrych
"It O.K"
Posté le 2018-12-10 par Alex Simov
"I love that Web-Stat gives me tons of useful information that is actually easy to understand. I couldn't be happier!"
Posté le 2018-12-08 par Mandi
Mobile Detail of Indy
"It would be great to be able to SAVE the Stats as a printable PDF"
Notre réponse : This is possible: display the report, print it and in the print dialog box select show as PDF, then save the PDF
Posté le 2018-12-07 par Rev Shane Andersen
"We actually embedded the code in our header for site-wide coverage. The stats are very helpful, especially after a mysterious and sudden 20,000 hits per month drop in our traffic. Thank you for the free service."
Posté le 2018-12-06
"Easy, Fast, Inexpensive. Have been using it for years. Recommend to all website owners!"
Posté le 2018-12-06 par Tom
Mr. Whizard Technical Services
"I love web stat. I use it for three of my websites. It provides much needed information about traffic flow within the site. Not only visits and locations but also behavior which can help with advertising strategies. I am always anxious to see where visitors were referred from. It is very useful."
Posté le 2018-12-05
Posté le 2018-12-04
My website is intended to promote an (unpublished book) so I don't get a lot of traffic right now.

The free version provides plenty of interesting, valuable and attractively presented feedback. I am very pleased Web-Stat provides it and will be glad to upgrade once I have something I can actually sell. "
Posté le 2018-12-03 par Joe Panzica
Saint Gredible and Her Fat Dad's Mass
"look cool"
Posté le 2018-12-03
"I absolutely love Web-Stat! Great, responsive tech support when I have a question or idea, and very clear tracking of my site visitors. I have been using Web-Stat for years, and highly recommend it!"
Posté le 2018-12-02 par Jim The Resume Expert
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Posté le 2018-12-02 par Олександр Вашків
"I like it give me nice tracking for my visitors where they are come from."
Posté le 2018-12-02 par Al Marri
"great service!"
Posté le 2018-12-02
"Good App"
Posté le 2018-12-02 par Bridget
"Web-Stat accurately tracks the traffic on my website and provides reliable feedback about traffic trends on my site."
Posté le 2018-12-01
Support Animal Services LLC
"very convinent and accurate and detailed infomation on analytics of a website i tottaly recomend it"
Posté le 2018-12-01 par deliccious kenya
"I like being able to see the stats for my site and even for each individual page. I do wish that there was a way to view the stats in a more simple format without a graph. Otherwise, I like the app and will continue to use it."
Posté le 2018-12-01 par David Fikel
Easy Street Oil
"Nice but a bit expensive to upgrade."
Posté le 2018-11-30
"3 years of excellent service. Does what it says!"
Posté le 2018-11-30
"Very pleased with Web-Stat. Works right out of the box. Layout is easy to read."
Posté le 2018-11-29 par
"I love webstat. To be able to monitor where and when your customers are reaching your site is astonishing. Not to mention, being able to understand the global reach that your site has is a truly powerful tool."
Posté le 2018-11-28
"simply brilliant service - thank you so much"
Posté le 2018-11-28
"Great stats, great support. Highly recommended!"
Posté le 2018-11-27 par JF Deldieu
Zilek, inc.